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Kate Boswell

Trade Sales

Gets our books out there on the bookshelves and makes sure that the book trade are as excited about our new books as we are.

Tracy Bundey

Head of Production

Ensures everything stays on track and our books hit the shelves in perfect condition and bang on time. Also a crack proofreader.

Nick Fletcher


Expert at polishing copy and working with our authors to create brilliant books.

Victoria Lawson-McKittrick
Marketing & Sales Support

Makes sure things get done and and that our customers are kept happy. Another eagle-eyed proofreader

Chris Parker

Commissioning Editor & Head of Design

Works closely with authors to create the best possible books by helping to craft great copy. Keeper of the 'golden thread'. Our in-house design guru and font master.

Craig Pearce

Senior Commissioning Editor

Always on the hunt for interesting new books and great new authors to work with. Produces precise editorial work and is always ready for the next big event to attend (particularly if the catering looks good).

Harriet Price

Special Sales

A key member of our sales team. Handles all corporate, bulk and bespoke edition sales.

Lucy Scott

PR & Marketing

Makes sure that everyone knows about our new books and all our activities. On top of all things social and always ready to man the book stand at any and all events. Takes a good hero shot.

Charlotte Staley

Head of Rights

Negotiates great rights deals to take our authors' works to the world.

Sally Tickner

Publishing Director

Drives our publishing strategy. Always on the look out for the next sale or business opportunity. Always on for a meeting. Powerpoint Queen.

Suzanne Tull


Makes sure all the numbers add up and that we pay and get paid on time. Another crack proofreader.


Stephen Eckett

Director & Founder

Our in-house finance & investment expert and editorial consultant.

Myles Hunt

Managing Director

Working to keep Harriman on course for global success. Very occasionally called on to dust off his design and web skills.

Philip Jenks

Non-Exec Director & Founder

Kicked it all off, but now kicking back with other things to focus on.


Stay up to date on the latest releases and get special offers from us.


Stay up to date on the latest releases and get special offers from us.